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I'm Leslie and I'm passionate about building great products that improve people's lives and communities.


I first started out as a visual designer and then 4.5 yrs ago started focusing on UX. I'm currently at Pivotal Labs, where I've shipped 9 products in 3 years. I went into consulting to work on a diverse range of web and mobile projects and to collaborate with companies of all sizes, from one-person startups to big enterprise. I’m a product designer at heart, I just so happen to have been consulting for the past few years. 

What I’ve learned is how to translate user pains into validated solutions, work in an agile and lean environment, drive feature prioritization, practice increasingly complicated systems thinking, all while managing a diverse set of clients, stakeholders, and team dynamics. 

When I'm not in front of the computer, you can find me starting art clubs at work and in my free time for lettering and watercoloring.