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Contractor marketplace

Ernst & Young's Innovation team brought in Pivotal to be the seed team to design and develop GigNow, a two-sided marketplace for contractors searching for finance, legal, and consulting work and for recruiters to source, manage, and match contractors to relevant opportunities.

The product was first released to the US and internationalized within a year to offer gigs to the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, with plans for Canada and China.

Role: Design lead. Paired with another product designer for user interviews, usability testing, interaction design, prototyping, style guide creation, and visual design (branding and marketing landing page). Collaborated with two product managers, product owner, and 10 developers. Also led hiring interviews for client designers. 


User research

We kicked off a research and design sprint with a small team comprised of a two designers, a developer, and a client and internal PM. We conducted bi-weekly interviews with contractors and recruiters as well as competitive analysis.

Workflows & Systems

Workflows emerged over throughout user and stakeholder interviews and continued to evolve as we uncovered overlapping roles and tasks by a large company like EY. We met with their recruiting team on a weekly basis to reconcile our understanding.

Flow Diagram

We created and regularly updated a flow diagram to help developers (and ourselves) better visualize the system. 

REcruiter Experience

The core focus of our work has been providing an optimal recruiter experience. We meet with them weekly as a group and in one-on-one sessions to test new features. 

Contractor application flow

We focused on providing contractors with a responsive experience to apply for gigs. See screens here or via Invision.  

Mobile Contractor Experience

Based on our research, contractors are constantly looking for jobs, and often on their mobile device. Our team focused first on building the job search experience for mobile web. 


Our cross-functional team was able to demonstrate major cost savings in first 3 months of going live based on decreased use of sourcing agencies.

The recruiting tools in GigNow we designed enabled internal recruiting teams to complete workflows at speeds on par with agencies, the default choice for hiring managers seeking contractors. 

Our communication with internal users allowed us to effectively prioritize and iterate on future features. In turn, we enabled them to successfully handle growing demand from internal US and international teams.