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Stockpile stock trading iOS app

Stockpile wanted to create an iOS app for young teens to buy and sell fractional shares so that they can have a fun, easy way to learn about and play the stock market. The second side of the marketplace is for someone to buy a physical gift card (of stock) for a young teen. Our team focused on designing the iOS app. 

Role: Design lead. Paired with another product designer for user interviews, usability testing, interaction design, prototyping, and visual design. Collaborated with a product manager, product owner, and four developers.


User Research

We involved the founders in a one week research sprint to understand young teens and parents of young teens and their interest in stock.  


We tested an iOS prototype with users to validate the navigation from the home screen to the stock purchase workflow. 

UI design collaboration

A helpful way to reconcile UI thinking across the team is to cut up components in paper and discuss their order and priority.  

Visual design Explorations

We reviewed visual design elements with the founders and client team as well as came up with adjectives describing the visual design experience. 

Final screens

We focused on providing a simple, lightweight experience for the teen user with colorful illustrations to guide them to buy stock, send gifts of stock, and redeem additional stock. 

screen-buy stock.png


The Stockpile team was able to implement validated designs and achieve their business goal of launching the app in time for the holiday shopping season.