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3 Lessons learned from an in-house designer

Leslie Yang

Today was my last day on the job as an in-house designer. At my final all-staff meeting, I asked if I could share a few lessons learned. I'd been thinking a couple of days in anticipation of this meeting and here's what I shared with a room of 50:

  1. Empathy. Have empathy for your co-workers. We'll never know what challenges the people we work with face just getting to work, caring for family, trying to get through the day, and so on. Remember that and be empathetic and kind to another. 
  2. Timelines. If you have one task that takes 5 minutes but you have oh, 200 tasks ahead of you, it's not going to take you 5 minutes to get to it, it could take you over 5 days to finish the task. Let's be real with ourselves and our teams about how long things take so that we can follow a realistic timeline and get things done on time. 
  3. Self-education. Whether we like it or not, we live in an innovation economy. The types of jobs out there are evolving (some disappearing completely) therefore it's important that we continue to level up our skills and deepen our expertise. I hope more people use all the terrific online tools available to continue on a path of self-learning. And I hope that more staff get their children to learn how to code. Digital literacy IS literacy.

Or as my co-worker put it, "Leslie, I like what you shared. Basically, you said, 'Be nice to people. Turn your stuff in on time. And learn some shit.'" Yeah, what he said. :-)