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musings on design, coding, manufacturing, fashion, and then some

Musings on visual and UX design, digital manufacturing, eco fashion, coding, and everything else in between and sideways.


Happy lunar new year!

Leslie Yang

I’m Chinese American and while I'm not terribly superstitious, lately I've taken to thinking of each year as a different beast, full of new lessons and opportunities to learn different ways to approach challenges. This lunar year is the Year of the Wood Horse. Inspired by this article, I plan to imagine this year as a galloping horse; a force for change, inspiration, and positive energy:

The Horse is asking us to appreciate [life’s] changes and advance from them.  The energy of this upcoming year will NOT support you if you choose to be a victim.  You must become the change you wish to see in the world.  We are all connected and the simple acts of changing your attitude and behavior will have a great impact.  Be grateful and be mindful with all your actions and you will find that the horse will respond to you with great speed and exhilaration.

Happy new year!